and pump group 3

The standard version is the flagship model, compatible with pumps of European Type II and III groups. Built with attention to detail, it features 7 bearings ensuring stable operation and long lifespan.

The Plus version is exclusively designed for pumps of the PZ30-WOM series. Thanks to the multi-spline shaft of the pumps, no multi-spline bushing is required. This is the ideal solution for those seeking even more performance, as hydraulic pumps for this gearbox are available in sizes ranging from 17-82 cm3/revolution.

The Pro version is designed for professionals and engineered for the most demanding applications. With tapered ZVL bearings and the ability to connect various types of pumps - gears, pistons, and with SAE-BB shaft - this gearbox can transmit up to 50 kW of power. It's a reliable tool for those seeking maximum performance and durability.

All our gearboxes are manufactured with helical gearing to ensure smooth operation and minimal wear.

PTO gearbox with sliding sleeve and pump BG3


  • and pump PZ30-WOM...
    • mounting of European groups 2 and 3 (30 kW),
    • ISO mounting (35 kW)
  • and cast iron pump...

    Compact gearboxes, mounting .NE:

    • PZ20-WOM (10 kW)
    • PZ30-WOM (30 kW)
  • Pro

    Highest transmitted powers, ZVL and KINEX bearings,

    • Mounting European Group 3 (37 kW/50 kW),
    • Mounting ISO (37 kW/50 kW),
    • Mounting SAE-BB (50 kW)

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